About Finsbury Market

Finsbury is based on old-world ideals with a loyalty to our neighbourhood. We are a small, independently run business dedicated to the time-honored traditions of the culinary and agricultural world. Finsbury was born in 2020 when a young Irish scallywag Gavin took over the local institution “The European Pantry “ on 6516 Chebucto Road in Halifax, NS.

Our epicurean emporium contains delicious organic locally roasted coffee, olives from the finest olive trees in Greece, succulent cured European meats, oils from off the continent, jams from around the corner and around the globe, pastries are baked in-house, grilled cheeses are oozing and our smoked meat is the best Montreal has to offer. But above all one must visit to experience our astounding selection of cheeses from around the globe, for which “best before” dates do not apply.

It’s a pretty safe bet to say that we’re cheese obsessed: our goal is to find the most delicious cheese and specialty grocery items from across the globe, teach you a bit about them, and then make sure you enjoy them.

Please stop by our cornucopia of culinary-inspired gift and ask for a sample next time you’re in the neighborhood!